Dingo Ozzy K9-C: The Ultimate Mini-Digger

The OZZY Dingo K9-C is the culmination of over 25 years of pioneering development of the Dingo mini digger concept. We are proud to say that the K9-C is the most powerful and capable mini digger ever created.

The K9-C will dig faster, drive faster and lift more than anything seen before while still maintaining the ability to drive through a standard door, with widths from 800mm to 1050mm with a 4 in 1 bucket attached. If you are in the business of getting the job done, as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Dingo Ozzy K9-C is for you!

The Dingo Ozzy K9-C can be configured to use for almost any job including post hole digging, cement mixing, stump grinding and more.

If you do a lot of trenching, it will trench straighter than any other Mini Loader. Speak to our experts about excavation services in SE QLD today and get a free quote!


Machine Hire Comes With Operator.

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