Powerful and Easy to Use Post Hole Digger

Powered by the impressive Dingo mini loader, the post hole digger is one of the most powerful attachments for the Dingo.

If you are looking to hire an affordable post hole digger, look no further. The Dingo post hole digger is fitted with an 8:1 reduction gearbox and can out-dig many larger machines.

This product provides enough torque to dig holes up to a 750mm diameter, up to a depth of 3 metres and the Dingo post hole digger is the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial project.

Easily dig up to 1.5 metres with a standard auger, up to 2 metres with an auger extension and 3 metres with the Pinocchio nose extension. With the correct digging teeth fitted, the Dingo can be used to dig through concrete, sandstone, reinforced road base and bitumen.

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Hydraulic Post Hole Digger Hire

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