Remove Tree Stumps With The Dingo Stump Grinder

Undercut unsightly or dangerous tree stumps and roots with the Dingo Stump Grinder. A popular choice for customers in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs, the Dingo Stump Grinder is a high performance machine featuring tungsten carbide cutters for fast results.

Unlike other machines, Dingo Stump Grinder generally waves across the stump from a pivot between the cutters and the operator. The tool hangs over the stump and swings back and forth, featuring the ability to work at 90° to the Dingo.

The Dingo Stump Grinder can be quickly changed to throw left, right or forward, so it can really get into those tight areas. It can also grind stumps up to depths or 2 feet underground, making it perfect for any project.

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Machine Hire Comes With Operator.

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